Best Team: Pittsburgh Panthers

Most Underrated Team: UCLA Bruins

Most Overrated Team: Florida State

Dark-horse: Wisconsin Badgers

Best Coach: Coach K, Duke

Best Player: DeJuan Blair, Pittsburgh

Upset Special: Wisconsin over Florida State


Summary: The Pittsburgh Panthers are the best team in this region. They also have the best player in the country in DeJuan Blair. The problem is if Blair gets in foul trouble. If Blair gets in foul trouble they can get beat by almost anyone (see Providence). Unfortuanately, you can’t really predict which game that will happen. They got a good draw with not much competition so it may not happen. The most overrated team here is Florida State. They barely beat a Lawson-less UNC and got crushed by Duke. I think Wisconsin will beat them in round 1. Xavier is also overrated and subject to upset. UCLA is easily the most underrated team in this region. ESPNs “experts” have caught the VCU over UCLA upset trend like the black death. I don’t think there’s any chance of that happening. UCLA is a better team than Villanova as well, and I’d favor them in a neutral situation. Unfortunately for the Bruins they have to travel nearly 3,000 miles to play Villanova at home. That is a really rough break. When it’s all said and done I like Pittsburgh to advance to the final four.


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