Denver Shopping Cutler?

So the Denver Broncos tried entering the Matt Cassel sweepstakes by dangling their Pro Bowl QB Jay Cutler. This has made Cutler mad and now he would probably like to be traded. 

I don’t know what Denver is thinking with this one. Jay Cutler is probably the most talented QB in the entire league, he can make every throw, he can carry a team on his back. He was frustratingly inconsistent last year (trust me, he was on my fantasy team). But it was only his second year in the starting gig and he had no running game. Veteran quarterbacks tend to struggle without any running support. And when you have to carry your team on your back and you are confident you can make every throw, you’re bound to make mistakes. 


Denver has done this before. Most people don’t know Denver once tried to replace a in-his-prime John Elway with Tommy Maddox. But at least in that case they kept Elway on the roster so when they realized their total failure, they could turn back. Cutler has Elway ability and if I were any team in the league I’d trade whatever the Broncos wanted for this guy.


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