Duke vs UNC

NCAA Game of the Day

This is the biggest game of the year in college basketball. There are no bigger rivals in the sport than these two schools. In recent years they have kind of taken turns being at the top of college basketball, Duke having success early in the century and Carolina flourishing recently. But this year I think both these teams are at the top. Both are very capable of being national champions at the end of the season. Being ranked 3rd and 5th I think it’s possible they’re both being slightly underrated, maybe not but they’re good. 

Duke struggled last week, getting blown out by Clemson and an OT win against Miami. I think the biggest thing they struggled with was Clemson and Miami’s athleticism advantage. I don’t think UNC is much more athletic than Duke, however, they’re pretty comparable. Duke has no major weaknesses and outside of the Clemson game have played very well. UNC has been on fire lately, winning 7 in a row. This includes blowing out the same Clemson team that blew out Duke. They also blew out Miami who Duke just struggled with. They are the best offensive team in the country with no major weaknesses. They have a size advantage over Duke with Ed Davis, Deon Thompson, and Tyler Hansbrough. Tyler Hansbrough has also never lost at Cameron Indoor Stadium, going 3-0. So UNC definitely has a lot of things going for them. However I’m going with the Dookies. I think this might end up being the best game of the year. I like Duke in a close one.

5 Duke 75 vs 3 UNC 74


Other Top 25 predictions….

23 Purdue 68 vs Penn State 60

1 Connecticut 92 vs 22 Syracuse 77

14 Xavier 68 vs Dayton 63

1o Memphis 70 vs Tulsa 59

8 Wake Forest 77 vs North Carolina State 73

2 Oklahoma 80 vs Baylor 78


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