Big Line-up of Boring Games

Saturday is a huge line up of games on Saturday with 17 of 25 ranked teams in action. But after looking through all the games, I don’t really find any that interesting. They’re mostly games with big talent difference and the more talented team is usually at home. This looks like it should be called One Sided Saturday. However I’m sure as I look closer some games will intrigue me. 

NCAA Game of the Day

8 Marquette vs 23 Georgetown

Marquette has been playing very well. They’re first place in the conference and just beat Notre Dame in their house. Georgetown is the most inconsistant team in the country and coming off four straight losses, including losses to Seton Hall and Cincinnatti. Marquette is undefeated in the Big East while Georgetowns tournament hopes are slipping. I don’t know why, but I’m picking Georgetown. This schedule of games just seems like a lot of no brainers. I just have a feeling something surprising will happen. This is what I’m going with. The best game of the day in terms of the level of teams involved is easily Louisville and West Virginia. Louisville has been rolling. Should be fun to watch.

23 Georgetown 72 vs 8 Marquette 69 *(Marquette 94 vs Georgetown 82)*


Other Predictions..

2 Connecticut 85 vs Providence 70 (Connecticut 94 vs Providence 61)

3 Pittsburgh 82 vs 22 Notre Dame 71 (Pittsburgh 93 vs Notre Dame 80)

4 Wake Forest 80 vs Georgia tech 70 *(Georgia Tech 76 vs Wake Forest 74)*

5 Oklahoma 73 vs Iowa State 65 (Oklahoma 78 vs Iowa State 68 )

6 North Carolina 83 vs North Carolina State 74 (North Carolina 93 vs North Carolina State 76)

7 Louisville 65 vs West Virginia 63 (Louisville  69 vs West Virginia 63)

10 Xavier 80 vs Massachussetts 59 (Xavier 82 vs Massachussetts 80)

12 Texas 70 vs Kansas State 66 *(Kansas State 85 vs Texas 81)*

Washington 68 vs 14 Arizona State 65 (Washington 84 vs Arizona State 71)

16 UCLA 77 vs Stanford 65 (UCLA 97 vs Stanford 63)

17 Purdue 72 vs Michigan 60 (Purdue 67 vs Michigan 49)

18 Portland 71 vs St Marys 66 (Portland 84 vs St Marys 66)

19 Memphis 75 vs Houston 64 (Memphis 83 vs Houston 69)

25 Gonzaga 73 vs San Diego 52 (Gonzaga 64 vs San Diego 47)


Record 13 – 3


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