Redemption Thursday

All right so I didn’t do that well yesterday, only going 5 for 8. I still think Duke is better than Wake Forest. They shot 33% and only lost by two on the road. I definitely still think Pitt is better than Nova. All Pittsburghs problems happened when DeJuan Blair got in foul trouble, he doesn’t normally. I don’t know what to say about Georgetown, they’re a talented team but impossible to predict. There are a lot of good games today. Hopefully I can redeem myself a little. 

NCAA Game of the Day

18 St Marys vs 25 Gonzaga

Gonzaga is one of the most talented teams in the country but they have been inconsistant this season. St Marys is lead by fast point guard Patty Mills. He’s a quick one but I think he’s overrated. St Marys success is a lot more due to their big men. Gonzaga has been flying under the radar all season. With this being a home game I think this is the time Gonzaga gets back on the map.

25 Gonzaga 75 vs 18 Saint Marys 67 (Gonzaga 69 vs Saint Marys 62)


Other Predictions…

Virginia Tech 73 vs 11 Clemson 70 *(Clemson 86 vs Virginia Tech 82)*

9 Michigan State 66 vs Iowa 60 (Michigan State 71 vs Iowa 56)

14 Arizona State 57 vs Washington State 45 *(Washington State 65 vs Arizona State 55)*

16 UCLA 75 vs California 68 (UCLA 81 vs California 66)


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