Rivalry Saturday in College Basketball

Conference play has begun and has started to heat up now in 2009. Conference play brings intense rivalrys and big matchups. This Saturday is stacked with big games in every conference, all day long.

1 Duke vs Maryland

Duke and Marylands rivalry is one of the biggest in college basketball, reaching its height in the Jay Williams and Juan Dixons years in the early part of this millenium. Sadly, my Terps don’t have much of a chance in their first meeting with the Dookies this year. The game is at Dukes Cameron Indoor Stadium, where Duke has yet to lose this year. Maryland is 2 and 4 on the road/neutral sight this year. Duke has been on a roll all season and are 5-0 in their last five games including a win over the Georgetown Hoyas. The Terps are 2-3 in their last five including a loss to MORGAN STATE at HOME. That’s definitely not good.

Maryland can’t shoot from deep and can’t score inside, due to lack of any effective post player. Duke is third in the nation in defensive efficiency. This matchup does not shape up well at all for my Terps.  On the brighter side of things it can’t be any worse than the beating my Wizards took Thursday night against the Lakers. 

Score Prediction:  74 – 56 Duke wins handily

UPDATE: I guess I was wrong, it can be worse…much, much worse. (Duke 85 vs Maryland 44)


24 Memphis vs Tennessee

Another big rivalry coming from the state of Tennessee. Both teams have had a lot of success in recent years and haven’t quite played up to that level yet this season. 

Memphis can’t shoot but they play stout defense. They’re 2nd ranked nationally in defensive effeciency.  They’ve played a lot better recently after moving freshman Tyreke Evans to pointguard. 

Tennessee has underachieved so far this year but they’ve played the 2nd hardest schedule in the country. They have home court advantage in this one and against Memphis I’m sure it will be loud. While they have a good offense, their defense is notably bad. 

This is a big in-state rivalry so I’m sure both teams will come to play. Tennessee is at home but I think Memphis is the better team.

Score Prediction:  80 – 75 Memphis in a close one (Real close, Memphis 54 vs Tennessee 52)


Other predictions…

24 Illinois defeats Wisconsin 68 to 58 (Illinois 64 vs Wisconsin 57)

5 Oklahoma defeats 23 Baylor 75 to 71 (Oklahoma huge 95 vs Baylor 76)

Washington defeats 11 UCLA 73 to 67 (Washington 86 vs UCLA 75)

3 Connecticut defeats 19 Notre Dame 83 to 74 (Connecticut 69 vs Notre Dame 61)

15 Texas defeats Texas A&M 67 to 56 (Texas 67 vs Texas A&M 58 )


(Actual results in italics)


One Response

  1. Ha, an impressive blog from the yung Robert. Somehow I actually agree with all of your picks, even though I don’t think that Tennessee or Memphis is very good at all this year.

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